Alcohol Policy:

  • Alcohol is permitted subject to policy compliance.
  • No alcohol may be left on the premises before or after the event.
  • A separate Alcohol Policy is provided in the event that it is proposed to serve alcohol at the function (see Appendix One).
  • The hirer is responsible for meeting any liquor licensing requirements.

Noise Policy:

The building and its functions are subject to noise restrictions as a consequence of its location on a suburban street.

  • Small group activities (less than 20 persons) inside the building do not require a formal Responsible Person (RP) for activities from 7am to 7pm.
  • Any activity of more than 20 persons requires the nomination of a Responsible Person except when a member of the SGCC Management Committee or a Parish Leader is present.
  • Any children’s activity on the Verandah shall have a Responsible Person present.
  • The RP shall ensure that before, during and after the function noise levels are kept to an acceptable level;
  • The RP shall advise departing patrons to be particularly quiet when departing evening functions.

Smoking Policy:

Smoking is a health and a bushfire hazard is not permitted anywhere in the building or surrounding grounds.

Cleaning and Presentation:

The Hirer is expected to return the Centre to the condition it was found to be in at commencement of hire.  Cleaning equipment is provided (vacuum cleaner, brooms, mops and cleaning agents).

  • Clean-up shall be completed within the booked times, unless otherwise agreed.
  • If the cleaning is not performed to a suitable standard a clean-up fee may be charged to the hirer, and this will be deducted from the Bond.
  • Tables and chairs shall be returned to the agreed format. Excess tables and chairs shall be returned to their storage areas unless otherwise agreed. NB avoid stacking chairs in front of emergency exits and fire extinguishers.
  • All lights, fans, heaters/air conditioning and other electrical equipment shall be switched off, with the exception of the display refrigerator. A surcharge deducted from the Bond is applicable if air conditioning, oven pilot light or other power equipment is left on.
  • All windows and doors shall be secured in accordance with the provided checklist before vacating the  premises (see LOCK UP).
  • There is a standard cleaning fee of $75 for one off private functions (e.g weddings, private dinners and parties.)
  • Any keys shall be returned to the designated person or point in the manner agreed during office hours either on the day of the function or the next business day.
  • All rubbish shall be removed from the premises and is not to be disposed of in Family Centre facilities.
  • Nothing that is owned by the Centre, the Parish or any Diocesan Entity shall be removed from the facilities without permission of the Centre Management.

Lock Up.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the building is secured on leaving the premises. Please adhere to the Checklist provided. In particular:

  • Check all doors and windows have been secured.
  • Lock the toilet units and return key to the hook outside the kitchen located on the wall near the small notice board.
  • Check all air conditioners and other electrical units have been turned off.
  • Turn off the gas pilot light to the oven and stove.