Manna & Mercy

Manna and Mercy is a community kitchen where delicious food is lovingly prepared and diverse members of the community come together as one to share in the feast. Manna and Mercy is a programme of the St George’s Community Care.

Served every Tuesday from 5-6 pm in the Family Centre.

Our mission is to provide a nutritious meal to members of the Dunsborough and Districts community for a donation, remembering that it is not what we eat, but who we eat a meal with that makes a meal a feast.

We include and welcome people around a common table and offer friendship.

shared meal

What does Manna and Mercy mean?

The word manna actually means, “what is it?” The question “what is manna?” is therefore a great question. Manna means different things for different people from different backgrounds in diverse places. Simply put, one way to describe the word Manna is to suggest that it is that which sustains life.

The word manna has a long story but begins in ancient times when a group of people called Israelites escaped oppression from the Egyptians by fleeing into the desert. In Egypt, the Israelites had worked as slaves. In the desert they had all their needs met when manna, their daily bread, was given to them by God.

The dream of the Divine is the mending of the entire universe through the sharing of manna (daily bread) and practising mercy (an all-inclusive welcome, a celebration of diversity, forgiveness and freedom from debt). Through Manna and Mercy at St George’s we hope to share in that dream.